Highly qualified experts in the nuclear business

This is Safetech Engineering

Safetech Engineering AB was founded in the 1980-ties by two of ASEA Atoms most influential engineers, Torbjörn Andersson and Stig Rolandson. The Company is based in Västerås, Sweden (the cradle of Swedish nuclear) and offers consultancies and education within nuclear safety, environmental management and radiation protection mostly related to ASEA Atom’s Boiling Water Reactors (BWR’s). All our highly qualified experts have at least 10 to 15 years of qualified experience, in many cases more than 30 years experience of the nuclear business.

Presently, the company has approximately 20 employees and sub-consultants with state-of the-art expertize within most of the reactor safety areas.

The technical knowledge base is mainly the ASEA Atoms boiling water reactor concept. The ambition is to achieve the same high expertize in the new generation of reactors (Generation IV), which we believe will contribute significantly to the future low emission and clean energy mix in Scandinavia, Europe and Canada, needed to reach sustainable climate goals.

Towards new generations

Safetech Engineering vision is to be the most skilled plant design consultancy within the nuclear business. For the generation III-BWR’s, we already have achieved that position. The ambition is to continue being the most skilled consultancy even at the next generation reactors (generation IV) To achieve this goal, Safetech has joined a collaboration with the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) and the spin-off company LeadCold Reactors Stockholm AB 2015 (www.leadcold.com).

Safetech Engineering shall always be the first choice for customers requiring deep knowledge and expertize of the original design. The company shall be able to deliver advice and results in areas where no other competitor can deliver. By letting our senior engineers work within the customer organization, we also secure bringing forward the competence of building nuclear power plants to future generations.


Safetech Engineering also offers tailored-made educations within the areas of

  • Reactor system design
  • Licensing
  • Safety analyses
  • Norms & Criteria
  • Design principles


Our experience comprises major modifications within the areas of:

  • Plant Design
  • Project Management
  • Licensing / Safety Analysis Report
  • Norms and criteria
  • Safety analyses
  • Spent fuel management
  • Commissioning and testing